Waipapakauri, New Zealand – Cops, Cannabis, and Beer

I am sitting back, having a coffee and writing notes for my blog when I hear, “Excuse me Mate!”  At first I thought here was a contractor or plumber, by his sexy shorts and work boots.  Then I noticed the bullet proof vest and badge.

My next thought was immigration check.  So I let him know I from Canada and would he like to see my passport.   He replied, “No mate, your landlord has several cannabis plants growing and we are here to take care of it.”  I quickly replied, “Cool! I get to see New Zealand’s finest in action.” He laughs and only really asked one question, if I had any.  I said no and said, feel free to check, but he declined.

We had a nice little conversation about Canada verses New Zealand on drugs, etc while the other coppers cleaned the mess up.

So far, it’s been a great day.  Already had my morning coffee, and starting my lunch beer, with a free show.  What more could you ask for on a Friday.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures because I felt a little uncomfortable asking when I am a visitor in the country.

Side note: the landlord is a rather funny, but slightly different type of women.  She told me today she is a 65 year old hippy and I laughed and said, “I am a wanna be 25 year old stud!”. 

Just enjoy life and be kind to others!  Rest is all but fluff.

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