Kaitaia, New Zealand – Some damn nice views

I arrived at the bus to only find out I am not showing up on the passenger list and when the driver and I take a closer look, we see I booked the wrong Saturday.  My first thought is, this is going to cost me money.

Nope! The bus driver says, “Toss your bag in, you already paid, and there is extra seats.”  This is awesome!  She lets me on the bus and also drops me off right at the hostel, so I didn’t have to walk back 2 km. 
The hostel is pretty nice, lots of people here and they are having a BBQ tonight.  Damn! Free food.
Before the BBQ I decide to sit in the common room in hopes of striking up a conversation with someone. The only person in here is a 19/20 year old, extremely cute, blonde girl making her dinner. I think.  What the heck, I say hi.  
Her name is Cecilia, and she is from Sweden.  She is super cool and we have a really good conversation.  
I later find out, she is almost 31, not 19.  Even better, I no longer feel bad for checking her out. lol.  Life is good!
The rest of the evening goes great.  I meet several new people. 1 from Holland, 1 German, and my first Canadian girl. 

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