Paihia, New Zealand – Bikes, Girls, and Goodbyes

My plan today was to hitchhike from Ferry Landing, into Russell, then take the ferry over to Paihia, where I will be spending one night.

So I get up shortly after 7 and I hear and see no one else.  I eat, make coffee, and do two of the three S.  Shit, Shave and Shower.  Can you guess which one I didn’t do?

However, I was wrong about no one being awake.  The crazy Charlie woke up minutes before me and went jogging?!
“this new fad called jogging. I believe its ‘jogging’ or ‘yogging’, it might be a soft ‘J’, I’m not sure. But apparently you just run for an extended period of time.”

Now that I understand what jogging is, she tells me they are going into town and I can tag along.  Sweet! I don’t have to put any effort into getting a ride.  I like this.  And don’t forget I barley know these young girls and they are giving me a ride.

Just before we are about to leave, Andrea’s x husband pulls up in a vintage, perfectly restored Honda CB 400, GP bike.  I tell him its cool and she says.  Come to my house, I can show you a few more I have in my living room.

Obviously I am not going to say no.  A man with a bike in his living room.  I see BFFs in our near future.

He shows me 3 more bikes, all as cool as his CB, but 1 is a true GP bike.  He also tells me he went to Isle of Man and has a video.  We watch the video and lose track of time.  I am sure the girls are wondering if I got lost.

He and I head back to the hostel, where the girls are ready to jet.  I say goodbye to Andrea and her X.  I will miss Andrea.  She is such a sweet lady and we had some fun times.

Her hostel is here.

Charlie, Emma and I head into town where we exchange contact information and I say goodbye to another couple of great friends.

Essex girls are cool, no matter what we hear 🙂

A short ferry ride and I am in Paihia.

Check in to the hostel and am now just finishing my day.

Thank you world, for once again showing how amazing people are!

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