Short hike and meeting old friends again!

In the early afternoon I head across the ferry to go for
a short walk along the beach.  Only went
for 30 minutes, but some great views.
When I was waiting for the ferry to come back to the
hostel, I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone saying, “Hey Man!”   It was Butch, the guy who gave me a ride
yesterday.   Butch says, “I told you we
would see each other again!”  He introduces
me to his friend and we chat about his friend once lived in Vancouver for 2 years.
The ferry is close to docking, and his friend asks if I
want a ride into Russell, but I let him know the hostel is right here and say
I say goodbye a new friend and once again to a new old friend, Butch!
What great guys!
Around dinner time, 2 new English girls from Essex arrive at
the hostel.  Charlie and Emma.  Both pretty cool girls and easy on the eyes.  Awww, I am a lucky guy!

That night we spent the evening talking about
our travels, what it is like in each other’s countries and  some funny stories were shared.

Another great night meeting new friends!

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