Whangarei Boswells Track

I woke up this morning a little before 7 am and went upstairs
to say good morning to Jodi and her 3 kids. 
Hearing the little girl talk makes me smile.  The accent is so funny.  No offence Kiwis, but the accent rocks.
I take a coffee and head back downstairs to work on my
blogs and video editing.  This is my big
goal today, to catch up.
Shortly after 10 am I went upstairs to talk to Jodi about
where I could do a nice short walk.  She
tells me about the Boswell Track, which you can see her house from.  She also tells me it would take maybe an hour;
it is a nice short trail.
I should have thought about her words a little
closer.  Jodi is a very fit mother of
3.  A short, easy walk to her is probably
a death walk for me. 
Anyways, an hour into my stroll I started thinking.  What the heck, I walked enough yesterday, why
I am I doing this.  Oh yeah, it is a
nice, easy walk, Jodi says.  Then I see
the end, the road is in sight.  Woot
Woot! I am almost home free.  Nope, a
frigg’n monster hill on the road I have to walk back up to get to her house.  Half way up the hill, I feel my life passing
by me.  I thought about calling my mom
and saying goodbye.  I died on the road,
please take care of pet rock.

Okay, Okay, I am full of it. It wasn’t that bad.  I actually really enjoyed it, and had time to
make a few short video logs.  Check them
out here.
The rest of the day was good.  I worked on blogs and my new channel.  Talk to Jodi about her blog and what she
does.  I love getting to know people, and
I love telling them about me.  Lol.
Here is Jodi’s blog.

It is now 8:30 pm and I hear Al Bundy calling.  

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