Ruawai to Dargaville – Santa and Fish

I am leaving Ruawai today in the search for people.  2 days in a town with no internet and an empty
hostel.  I feel the need to annoy
someone, and I need humans for that.
I eat my bananas, pack my gear and head out to the
highway.  Thumbs UP!  How long will it take me today to get a ride? 
Not long, about 20 minutes and a dad and his son pick me
up.  They are Christian missionaries, but
don’t try to change me.  They only tell
me about all the cool people they have met on their travels.  He even stops to let me take pictures of the Tokatoka

20 minutes later we are in Dargaville.  I say goodbye to another couple of new
friends.  Thanks for the ride and chat!
I am here a little early, it is 10 am and I can’t check
in until 3 pm.  I decide to go to the
hostel anyways to see if I can leave my bags there while exploring
Dargaville.  To no surprise they let me
check in, but the room is booked for tomorrow, so I only have one night.  That’s OK, because I later find out that
Dargaville doesn’t have much to see.  It
is barley bigger than Ruawai.  Good News!
Santa Clause Parade is today. 
The parade starts at 12, and I am there at 11:45 am.  The streets are empty.  I am starting to think I misheard what day it
was.  Nope, 15 minutes later the street
is filled with people and the parade starts. 
It isn’t like the parades back home. 
It is basically just locals walking down the street signing odd versions
of Christmas songs. Cool either way. 
This is why I am traveling, so see how locals live.  Not how tourist visit.

After the parade I spot a vendor selling fish sandwiches
for $5 bucks.  I have to get one of
Fast forward 10 minutes. 
I am in heaven, it was so good.  I
now have yummy local fried fish running through my blood and I catch myself
spinning in circles with my hands in the air. 
How can food make you so happy?
With all of this energy I go back to the hostel to find
people to annoy.  I fail at this, but my
fault.  The hostel has about 8 other
travellers.  They are all from Russia and
under the age of 22.  I found it hard to
strike up much of a conversion.  I am starting to realize I am 36, not 25 anymore.  Sad face! 

Either way, it was an amazing day.  Thanks Dargaville for Santa and Fish on a

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