Relaxing day in Ruawai

Today was a much more relaxing day.  I got up around 7 am and went for a walk down
by the water here in Ruawai, very beautiful scenery but not much of it.  I heard there is a volcano 11 km from me, but
as for walking today.  Nah, I am going to
catch up on my writing and Married With Children. I am still on season 1.

While in town I skipped over to the Cafe.  Literally skipped!  I stubbed my little toe while walking in
gravel with my flip flops.  Coordination at its best!
The cheapest coffee I see if $4.50.  I am cheap, this can’t be.  I ask the coffee dude, if they have a regular
coffee. Yes, they have a long dark?.  It’s
$5.  Okay, so what the heck, I want to
see what a $5 dollar coffee taste like. 
It taste like a $1.70 coffee from Tim’s but more
burnt.  Lesson learned.  Keep being Canadian, I mean cheap.

That was pretty much my day.  I enjoyed relaxing and catching up on some work
and TV.

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