Auckland – Imran’s house

I woke up thinking, wow, I am finally in New Zealand, and
this is awesome!  I got a shower, packed
my gear and started walking towards my next location.  It is about a 6 KM walk.
About 1 KM into the walk my back and legs are starting to
feel it pretty good.  Guess I am not used
to carrying two overweight packs.  Thank
god, there is a bus stop and it shows my path matches the route. 
Sitting at the bus stop is a Māori lady.  She immediately starts a conversation with
me, asking me where I am from, how my day is, etc.  We had a good conversation while waiting 25
minutes for the bus.
It is only 10:45 am, and I cannot be at my next destination
until 2 pm, so I get off at the Mangere Mall. 
Kind of a cool mall!  It looks
like our normal indoor mall; however, the main halls have no roof.  It is all open.  Mmmm, smell the fresh air.
The mall also has a tone of fresh fruit, so I grab old faithful,
bananas.  As I am putting them in my bag,
a Māori girl asks me how my day is and then continues on about where I am
traveling from, and where I am going.  I
told her up north, and then eventually down to the south island.  She tells me she has family up north and she
wishes we met sooner, her family love visitors. 
Are all Māori people this friendly?
I leave the mall and start my 5K walk to Imran’s and of course
I am taking many breaks to eat my bananas. 
At about noon, I am already at the park beside Imran’s.  Sounds like a great place for a nap.

While sitting at the park, a group of teen Māori boys
come over and sit with me.  They had 100
questions about Canada and the amazing USA. Some pretty funny guys.  They told me all the places in NZ they have
been and places I should go and also that the Māori girls are love Canadians.  Who doesn’t!  Just look this sexy guy below.

2 PM is finally here and I text Imran.  He is home, so I head over to see him.  By the way, Imran is a guy I met on AirBNB.  Check him out here Imran AirBNB
. Imran shows me his room and then offers me some tea.  I can tell right away he is a kind hearted
Later that day Imran gets his two kids. I won’t even try
to spell his kids names, but they are great kids.  The little one is very curious and
smart.  Lol.  He unplugs the TV about 6 times, keeping
Imran on his feet all night. 
With the travel, I am pretty spaced out and not even in
the mood to think about dinner.  That
ended up not being an issue, because Imran cook for us.  I have to say, he is one hell of a cook. 
Well, it is 9 pm I am burnt out, bed time. 

Day 2 completed and I am still enjoying it!

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