First day in Auckland NZ

I just landed and now need to find a sim card and a ride
to my motel and with no surprise; there is a sim card provider conveniently
located right in front of me.  It takes
less than 10 minutes to buy, activate and use my sim card for the first
time.  Again, Canada, why is this is so
difficult and here it is made easy.  No
background check and all you need is a credit card. 
Now that I have my cell working, I just need a taxi to my
motel.  I walk out of the airport and am
about to flag a cab, when an airport helper stops me and asks where I am
staying.  I tell him the motel name and
he tells me he has their number.  He then
calls the motel and requests me a ride. 
Yup, just that easy again!
30 minutes later a small van pulls up and takes me to the
It’s only about a 15 minute ride to the motel.  I check in and take a look at my room.  Not bad. 
Nice shower and beds.  Good enough
for catching up on rest and letting my back relax.
I drop my bag and go for a walk down to the grocery store
to grab something for the room.  
Here it
is about 5 pm and I don’t feel like going out for dinner.

When I get back, I flick on the boob tube to hear some
sexy NZ accents, but there are only 3 channels and they are all USA shows. L  Doesn’t matter, 15 minutes later I pass out
until midnight.
I look beat down!

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