Another great night visiting friends before I depart

Today I spent way to much time around Brockville trying to find a hikers backpack, when I decided to head up to Kingston.   With perfect timing Dave was just finished his interview with OMS the same time I got there.

After meeting up, we hit two stores and I quickly had a new backpack and shoes.  This means I actually have to pack.

We had missed lunch, so I knew it was time to feed the beast. and no better place to take Dave’s Thai Food virginity than Pat’s.  OMG – I miss eating there.  Amazing spice, with a perfectly cooked chicken.  So perfect, you can almost count down to heart burn, and your windows being rolled down in the car.

To top off an amazing day, we decided to grab some beers and a few bottles of cheap white wine. We also allowed Melissa to hang with the cool kids that night.

Oh yeah, thanks Ethan for showing me your back end and saying .  Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle.  Father like son.  Maybe when he is older he will wear clothes?


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