Final day at work part deux

Yesterday was my last day at work and to my surprise, even Beth was nice.  However, she never brought me cake.  Lame excuse, I forgot.

The day started off pretty good, as I was excited to finish off a work order I opened the day before.  I don’t know why, but I really wanted to leave on a high note.  Plus, I might need to beg for this job back in a year or so.

As I was deep in though and working very, very hard.  Miss Giggles, IE Boss called me into her office for my final review, and to no surprise she had nothing but good things to say, or of course all I heard was.  Rob, you are awesome, and gosh darn nit people like you.  Thanks Simone for the ego boost, we all know I truly needed.

Shortly after my morning ego boost, the DSU Team got together for lunch.  One of my favorite foods, Paradiso pizza.  MMMM grease, and meat, soon time for my regularly scheduled afternoon nap.  Just kidding!

Half way thorough scarfing down my pizza, the team gave me a nice card and close to a million Hersey Cookies and Cream Chocolate bars.  For the few that know the store about them, this is Beth trying to make me sick on my last day.  Either way, it was a pretty cool gift and also proves she does listen to my stories.

One last shout out to Roland my favorite baker.  After lunch he brought in Apple Crisp and Vanilla ice cream. The perfect way to my heart.

After a handful of goodbyes and safe travels from everyone, I will miss you all and hope to one day see you all again.

Thanks for the great memories.

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